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Welcome to the PlayaMap!

Questions not answered here / problems: [ target=em]   (Yes, I know the map is showing last year's info, but this is Google's issue, as the map comes from them.)

PlayaMap is a dynamic map of Black Rock City that allows tracking and location of people/places/things. The primary way you can get on the map is to use an [APRS] Beacon. PlayaMap will receive any APRS packets on the standard US APRS frequency of 144.390mhz and dynamically update their position on the map if the location is within about 60 km / 40 miles from BRC. The APRS beacon will then stay on the map for up to an hout, then it will fall off if no updates are heard.

For those that want an decent APRS beacon, I recommend one of [these].

PlayaMap without APRS

No APRS beacon? Now in beta is the ability of anyone with a position-enabled device and internet connection to be on the PlayaMap. Go to the LIST tab and at the top you can type your name/callsign. Note: You have to have enable "share location" when asked and you have to be witin about 60km or 40 miles of BRC before the name entry box is ahown and you can register. Once you hit enter, you will be added to the map with location updates every 30 seconds. Note that this requires your device to keep it's browswer tab open and awake. See [here] for how to do this on Android devices. For Apple devices see [here]. If your device goes to sleep, navigates away from the PlayaMap page, or loses internet, the position will stop updating until you return. Your last known position will stay on the map for up to an hour.

Using PlayaMap

You can pan/zoom the map to look around the area and see icons representing all known devices. Underneath each icon is the last time seen in minutes. If the device is in motion there will be a line in the circle icon indicating which direction it's heading. Most APRS devices update their position about every 2 minutes if not in motion, and faster if in motion depending on speed.

Click the LIST tab to see a list of all devices sorted by their last update. If you click one, you will be taken to the map and shown where that device is. If the device you are viewing PlayaMap on is position-enabled, you can also click the Compass tab and have a dynamic view of distance and bearing.